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MOMfest a festival that previously went through life like rock and metal festival Monsters Of Mariaheide. Started in 1993 in a small room with three bands. Due to growing pressure and excess decibels are the Monsters moved in 2006 to a new location, a nearby stables. That the festival, organizationally, immediately made a big step forward. More visitors, a thousand, professional stage 90 "workhorses" and a good setting for the artists and guests. In 2009 we settled down in the sample halls to Bolst 1 in Erp. Larger, but mostly warmer and easier to build and Abort phase. It then according to the land register is no longer we will be happy to boot the Heisse clay. But now we moved again. In 2019 we are at the Noordkade, Veghel.

Meanwhile, we welcome MOMfest rather than Monster or Mariaheide. Another sign that much value is attached to atmosphere and friendliness, complemented by 100% fatty music.


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